Free half hour in-home assessment.

Choose from one of the discounted packages below or for more flexibility select from my hourly rate options (minimum booking of 3 hours).


Mini Session (3 hours)



Perfect for a smaller project like a bedroom, bathroom or pantry. During this session, I will provide you with strategies and tools to apply to the rest of your house so you can stay organised long after I have gone. 


Full-Day Session (6 hours)



Perfect for any medium sized projects like your kitchen, garage, master bedroom and wardrobe.

I can help you organise these areas and provide you with strategies and tools to use in other areas in your house and help you stay on top of things in the future. 


6 Hour Multi-Session



This is perfect if you need help to get started and keep motivated to finish a larger project or tackle your entire home, but you are on a budget. We will start with a 3-hour session. I will then give you so called "homework" to finish over a period of time. Preferably this time will be no more than 1 month as we want to keep the momentum going and keep you motivated. After the agreed time I will come back for a 3-hour follow-up session to get the job finished.

2-Day Session (12 hours)


This is perfect for any larger projects, like getting your home sale ready, packing and unpacking your home when moving or downsizing or any other large projects. This can be used for two consecutive days or two separate sessions over a period of time. (This would be 6 hours per day and 12 hours total.)  

Flexible Hours


If none of the packages suit your needs or you just need a bit more flexibility, choose from my flexible hours rate. The more hours you buy the more economical it is. Have you already bought one of my packages but just need some extra hours? The following discounts apply to you as well! Extra hours can be purchased at the discounted rate no later than 6 months after purchasing your initial session.

3-5 hours $55/hr

6-12 hours $48/hr

12+ hours $45/hr

Gift Voucher


Give the gift of an organised home. You can choose any package or number of flexible hours.