A cluttered and disorganised home can become chaotic and stressful. Instead of being a sanctuary, home can feel like mayhem. Let me help you de-clutter and organise your home.  With your newly organised space, you won’t waste valuable time looking for something again, leaving you to enjoy your life with only the truly essential and beautiful objects you need and love.

You may want to de-clutter and organise your entire home or just a particular area that needs attention.


  • Organise your kitchen and pantry, living space, bedrooms, wardrobe, storage cupboards, garage, garden shed… or any other space in your home – no job is too big or small

  • Help determine which items to keep and discard

  • Help appraise items of sentimental value

  • Assist to remove, sell or donate unwanted items

  • Source and purchase customised storage solutions

  • Set up functional organisation systems

  • Provide you with strategies and tools to stay organised


Please make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your needs. I will come to your house to assess the size of the project and provide a cost estimate. It is very important for me to see your home in its current state so please no tidying beforehand. Trust me I have seen it all and hold no judgement. Seeing your house as you live in it currently will help me to assess where you need help and how I can best achieve this. Discounted packages or flexible hourly rates are available.


  ''A Place for everything,

   everything in its place''


-Benjamin Franklin